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OMG! I saw the trailer of Game of Thrones on the FX Channel last night, and i am this close to adding it to my current THE LIST, which only has 2 dramas in it! HuGe's Modern People and the upcoming kdrama by Cha Seung Won.

On the other hand, I saw what they did to The Legend of the Seeker, and i wept tears of frustration, so maybe i'm not holding out much hope for this...
Oh man, after Mike He's Sunny Happiness, the only other drama that is making me trawl around for trailers and bts is Hu Ge's upcoming Modern People!

WHEN IS IT GOING TO AIR!!!!!????? I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ooooo, as much as I seem to only have seen Hu Ge in wuxia dramas, and only kinda saw why fangirls went rabid with him, his newest drama with Ivy Chen, i think it's called Modern People or something is er, turning me into a rabid fangirl!!! Where do I sign up and join the club with all the other fangirls!?


Lol, Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi took part in a taiwanese variety show hosted by the grand-daddy of  all sharp-witted comperes himself, Zhang Fei, and let's just say that even the HUSBAND who knows NO chinese, had to sit down and watch these videos last night, and then proceeded to spend all today singing the little ditty under his breath with random shouts of 'Bingo! Bingo!' thrown in for good measure!

Also, witness He Ge's and Liu Shi Shi's confusion at the question 'What is your attitude to 'frying rice'?" HAHAHAHA! Someone should have told them that it's an euphemism for bonking! Didnt take Hu Ge long to suss it out thoug, although LSS might still be none the wiser! I wonder if they were warned about Zhang Fei before they appeared on the program!


There, it's out in the open, Kimball Cho aka Tim Kang, makes my knees go weak. I sit there and watch The Mentalist with a dreamy smile and a sigh everytime he appears. The HUSBAND thinks i'm crazy, but i don't care!

Kimball... I lurve youuuuuuuuuuuuu

i was talking with my baby sister about my current obsession with wuxia and period/premodern dramas that are coming out of china currently and i think i can finally understand why i just prefer them.

basically, where cdramas are at the moment, or at least the ones i watch are at, is where taiwanese dramas left off in the early to mid 90-ies. i grew up with the likes of Qin Han and Lin Qing Hsia (Bridgett Lin) in Qiong Yao productions, moved on to Qin Han and Liu XueHua in Qiong Yao dramas, then kinda moved onto Ma JingTao and Kenny Bee in the Plum Blossom trilogy.

My father hated it when we cried, but i've seen him shed more than a few tears at the scene where Liu XueHua was whipped by her own father. My mum and I would sit in the dark, at 2 in the morning to watch Mute Wife and Wan Jun so that we wouldnt disturb the rest of the family with the crying both on and off screen. Our home help, didnt speak a word of chinese, but that didnt stop her from obsessing about these dramas with the rest of us. After every drama, my mum would play armchair psychologist and try to explain to me and younger sister that killing yourself, or having no sense of self-worth, living only for your man, blah blah blah, was not she wanted for her daughters! And without a doubt, the writers had wonky ideas about some idealised and romanticised view of the perfect woman, and her virtuous behaviour, even as it drove the rest of us potty. However, i think women, persisted in being the largest and most devoted of viewers is because it all harks back to some long-disappeared time in history where love was assumed to be pure and total and complete, complete and utter bollocks in my opinion.

On the other hand, this stuff , although brain-rot,  is utterly addictive, at least for me. And the only way i can think to explain it is by saying that cdrama productions are now making the same dramas that i grew up with, so there is a lot of nostalgia for me. Also, the problem is that taiwan no longer making these and instead concentrating on producing teen-idol twaddle. The lack of a language barrier also means that i can watch these a lot more organically than i can with jdramas or kdramas. While I certainly dont identify with these women, these cdramas at least make them understandable to me, where I can understand their motivations. Teen-idol dramas, unfortunately, with their whining girls, and pretty-boy guys just dont cut it for me. Although, there might be hope for twdramas as their current crop of male leading men mature.

Of course, my current obsession with cdramas might just come down to one very superficial but still important reason. HOT MEN! :)


OMG, i dont RL ship very often, but woman! You've got Huang Xiao Ming standing here, telling EVERYBODY that he's fancied you for the last 13 years, ever since the first time he clapped eyes on you on your first day at acting school! Going on about how beautiful you were/are, and how you just reminded him of a princess, and he had a major crush on you! And he's always been honest about fancying you! And you reject the poor boy!? Hello!? What planet are you from!!!???

Ok, i will stop now. Man, someone needs to turn this into a drama. I'll watch it for sure!!!
And not in a good way! WTF!? So you're beating on your wife now!?

And women, seriously get a grip! OK, i am completely applying modern viewpoints here, but really, don't lose yourself and do bad things over a man, however hot they are, they are totally not worth it! ACK!!!!!!

ETA : And Leng Yun, you know what, you can go fuck yourself too. I dont give a shit that stupid dweeb saved your life all those years ago, if you think that that somehow excuses his behaviour, then all i can say is, you're pretty much the same too! You're worried about the dweeb's scars that cannot be seen and his crying and you dont give a shit about the real physical scars that you see on the women you profess to love? who's crying infront of you!? Yah ' GO FUCK YOURSELF TOO!' ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Of Four Women Conflict and Indigestion

EPIC FAIL on my part at even trying to resist Yu Zheng dramas. For a tubby dude, who looks and sounds as if he's never ever ever been in any sort of relationship with a woman, he sure writes a lot of dramas all to do with women. All i can say is (a) the dudes in his dramas all seem to be either scum of the earth, useless, snivelling types and (b) the silent, steadfast type who love with all their hearts once they meet the right woman. hmmm, i'm sure if i had more time, less indigestion (oh gawd, pad thai at lunch is mudering me!!! :(  ), and more of an armchair psychologist, i would have a field day with this. i'm also sure that peole would have a field day dissecting his portrayal of women, and in particular, how and what he views as the template of some idealised women, just refer to Lan Yan in FWC and Yu He and RRR. But like i said, laziness and a vicious bout of indigestion means i really cant be bothered to think any further. :(

However OMG, FWC is addictive. More so i think than RRR. i love Lan Yan, and her quiet dignity, but she really needs to address issues of self-worth, although i'm pretty sure that PlayBoy will try to help her. I love the moment where PlayBoy is taken completely aback by how she treats him, being so used to woman falling over themselves for him. I love when I think he falls for her, and is later thinking through his emotional reaction to her. It's obviously such a completely foreign emotion to him - love.

In many ways, I can understand the motivations and actions of the women in this, not that I agree with them. But given their situations, I suppose it's not surprising that some women become vicious and others curl up in a ball and give up. But omg, the men, the men, the men. Let's just say that at the moment, Playboy is the only one that i dont want to attack with a pitchfork. Lan Yan's old master rapist is evil and deserves to the skewered alive, or castrated and his bits cooked and fed to him. Her husband, oh god, her husband, just needs to take a long walk off a short pier. To willingly give up your wife to be raped, and then to tell her that she needed to suffer it to take pity on his sister who's the same age and who has lost her parents, er, excuse me while i just say 'GO FUCK YOURSELF!' And then, to accuse her of being a lose woman cos she's talking to PlayBoy, and had some men's jacket... like i said 'GO AND FUCK YOURSELF!!!!! FUCK!!!' This is not good for my indigestion!

Excuse me now while i return to Ep 6 of FWC...

OMG! Chinese Paladin does The Passion!?


Yep, Chinese Paladin 3 is now channeling nothing short of The Passion! HAHAHAHA! Oddly apt perhaps seeing that we are now in Lent!



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